Thursday, July 27, 2017

Keith Tanner's Classic Austin mini

Keith Tanner knows his cars. Keith works at premier tuner Flyin' Miata and has his own small collection of Frankenstein monsters sitting in his garage at home. Besides the obvious Miata's in his possession, he also has a BMW M5, a customized V8 MGB-GT, a classic Land Rover and his classic Mini, just to name a few. Keith's owned the Austin for about 13 years, but this Mini is not your run-of-the-mill classic. This right-hand-drive 1986 base version was bought and modified with nothing but fun in mind. Featuring a built 1293cc racing engine and tiny 4-piston calipers, the peppy little rocket will make you completely forget that you aren't going as fast as you feel like you are.  And that's entirely the point. The car feels fast. Its light, responsive, and once you get used to the shifter being on the wrong side, its a complete blast to drive! 

I recently had the pleasure of getting  a few pics of Keith's Mini. Click the link below to view the gallery!

 Keith's Mini Gallery


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