Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Anyone who knows Keith Tanner knows the man is good at making things fast.  His V8 Targa Miata is one of the most insane cars I've ever had the privilege of riding in.  What most people don't know is he has a very interesting collection of odd little cars in his personal garage, ranging from an old Cadillac to a BMW M5. After very little persuasion, I talked him into bringing one of his other toys out for a photoshoot.  What you see isn't always what you get, and Keith's MGBGT is a special kind of Frankenstein's monster with a little bit of everything hidden inside.  The interior and exterior are a gorgeous mix of MGB parts and badges ranging from a variety of MG makes and models, completed with Miata wheels and metal fender flares sourced from a VW Rabbit. Under the body is no different.  The beast is powered by an old Camaro LS1 V8, with Miata suspension and a bit of custom engineering Keith came up with himself.  Overall, its a very understated, classy bit of British motoring with an American twist. 


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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A quick visit to Flyin' Miata

I've had a relationship with the wonderful people at Flyin' Miata for a few years now.  They are experts in making Miatas (and cars based on Miatas) go very very fast.  Last summer I was lucky enough to travel with them to the Miata event at Laguna Seca, and drive one of their supercharged shop cars half way across the U.S. See my shots of Flyin' Miata and the Miatas at MRLS event by clicking HERE.

Recently I was visiting their base of operations in Palisade, CO, and was able to take some fun pics of the shop and some of the cars they have sitting around on location.  They have a lot of fun cars, but one of my favorites is the Catfish kit car created by Bauer Limited Production.  This stunning fiberglass shell uses the Miata "roller-skate" and drivetrain to create a super light-weight, exotic looking beast.  At the heart of this gorgeous roadster is a FM built turbo charged engine with a huge assortment of Flyin' Miata go fast parts.  This more than ensures that the performace is as good as the looks. Click on the link below to see more Catfish pics, photos around the shop and a few shots of the owners, Bill & Teri Cardell.


Check out more of my recent Flyin' Miata photos by clicking HERE.

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